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254.Land plots at Ano Meria

Land plots situated on the main road of Ano Meria,in a beautyful traditional settlement which is bui..


267.Land plot with gorgeous view in Analipsi

Land plot of 608 sq.m. in Ano Meria, with the possibility of building up to 240 sq.m. for a house-vi..


300.Big land plot with gorgeous view

Gorgeous land plot of 5146,02 total,from which the 1841,60 sq.m.are situated in the village ..


303.Unique property in Ano Meria

Land plot of 2580.83 sq.m. in Ano Meria with unrestricted views. The 1000 sq.m. of the property is w..


315.Big land plot in Fratzeskos

Large plot of land in Fratzeskou, with an area of ​​8316.93 sq.m. Can build up to 180 sq.m. for hous..


319.Land plot with derelict house wonderfully placed at Brovalma

Astonishing "Thimonia"(Traditional house), at the entrance of Ano Meria, with great view at the endl..


326.Big land plot at Agios Andreas

Large property in Ano Meria, situated on the main road, with a total area of 7250,46sq.m. of which t..


340.1.Land plots at Lagkadi,Ano Meria

Four buildable plots of land in the area  of Ano Meria, located at an ideal spot with unobstruc..


340.2.Big land plot at Lagkadi,Ano Meria

Ideal land plot in the area "Lagadi" of the settlement of Ano Meria, situated in a wonderful locatio..


350.Traditional "Themonia" wonderfully placed at Ano Meria

Land plot with a traditional ruined cottage house and a threshing floor in Ano Meria, with a total a..


355.Land plots in Ano Meria

These are three land plots in the settlement of Ano Meria, next to the picturesque church of Agios I..